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Buying/Selling Commercial Property? Interested in Expanding your Company?


We are top of the class in Commercial Brokerage, Development & Redevelopment, Acquisitions & Investments all over the Country. We specialize in connecting sellers with high-end buyers! We have long-term, established relationships with investors looking to expand their portfolios from all around the globe!



We have exclusive access to off market land that is great for Residential Developments and Commercial Development Opportunities.

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We are actively purchasing new parcels of land to develop Residential, Commercial, and combinations of Condominiums, Single-Family, and Hotels.


Be the first to know what new development projects we have in the works, before they go public!

Interested in investing in development projects?  Give our investment adviser a call directly, Scott Loveridge (321) 302-0763

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FLA Commercial Professionals has served the FL area’s growing need for new property and real estate projects through impressive integrity and a commitment to delivering results with the highest quality standards. Our professional team works closely with both investors and landowners in order to come up with results that exceed expectations.


Our team’s business model prides itself on the capability to strategically sell your property in a discreet, confidential, and off-market capacity. By doing so, sales are kept out of the spotlight without prematurely upsetting the current tenants and/or employees. In addition, negotiations can be much more flexible

which can lead to the kind of deals that would never be possible on the open market. Most importantly, with our approach, sellers can test the market. If we present a great offer, our client can chose to accept it, however, if they don’t, nothing has been lost. All in all, our team is well versed in sourcing and structuring off-market deals.


How do we continue to out produce the competition? Our production is a result of fostering a culture of partnership in which all clients and opportunities are represented in a collaborative environment. Together, we have been active in the sale of land, multi family housing, hotels, shopping center’s, warehouses, medical offices, buildings, and established business entities. We strive for the best outcome, consistently outperforming the status quo to achieve the best results for our clients. We believe what catapults us above the rest is our clientele. We have a substantial database including but not limited to independent business owner’s, nationally recognized franchises, institutional buyer’s, foreign investor’s, corporations, 1031 exchanges, lessee’s, and much more. We represent client’s both large and small and while each transaction has a different approach, there is only one outcome…We DELIVER!


Our team is excited to continue to be in the forefront of today’s commercial real estate industry. We are continually up to date with market trends to help our client’s capitalize today.

Whatever you’re looking for, the FLA Commercial Professionals has the experience and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Browse the rest of our site for more information about services provided and to browse all our past projects. If you’re interested in working with our Commercial Real Estate Development Company on your next endeavour, schedule your initial consultation meeting today.

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Whether you are looking for an investment, vacant land, or the property of your dreams, FLA Commercial Professionals offers it all.

(321) 302-0673

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